Grade 6 Student Transition

Welcome to George Elliot Secondary
Non Nobis Solum
“Not for oneself alone”
The following information will help parents and students keep up to date on the details of our program and transition plan.  We always welcome feedback, and encourage you to contact the Administration at GESS if you have any thoughts, ideas, questions or concerns.
Our school goal reads:
“At George Elliot Secondary School, we strive to create a community of
learners, thinkers, innovators, collaborators and contributors by fostering a culture that promotes
Belonging, Resiliency, and Engagement
for each student”
In order to create a school where students feel they belong, are supported and engaged in their learning, we work really hard to create programs that are developmentally responsive for each grade level.  This philosophy will guide our planning as we develop our Grade 7 program to include the essential attributes and characteristics of middle level education:
Educational Programs:
Grade 7 classes will be paired together in teams.  Students will have one teacher for Math and Science, and one teacher for Language Arts and Social Studies.  These two teachers will work together to create a cross-curricular experience for their students.  By teaming teachers, we also reduce the number of teacher contacts that students have.  In many cases, these core teachers will also teach one or more of the Exploratories to the students.
Students in Grade 7 will receive a sampling of the elective options at GESS.  At this level, we refer to them as Exploratories, as the students do not necessarily choose the options, but rather, get to try as many different programs as possible.  In Grade 7, this will include a full music program for every student.  These Exploratories will include a mix of hands-on specialty programs, social growth and leadership programs.
Physical Space:
Many Grade 7 classes, including the teams of core courses, will happen in the Annex building.  It will also provide a Grade 7 only area – including the field space behind the building – for students to socialize, learn and play during non-class times. Our students will also have access to the many specialty and joint use spaces in our building including the Gym, Band room, Shops, Art rooms, Computer Labs, and Science Labs.
Click on the link to view the map: Annex Map.pdfAnnex Map.pdf
A Sense of Belonging
Through our Advisory/Mentorship program, students will be linked with supportive adults and Leadership students to help create a sense of connectedness and belonging.  Our focus will be on finding the balance between integrating our youngest students into the fabric of our school while maintaining engaging, developmentally appropriate experiences for them.
GESS will offer a full complement of extra-curricular opportunities for our Grade 7s and 8s.  Students will compete in the SD23 Middle School athletic leagues, and will be included in District-wide Middle Level events.  Students will be engaged in creating social and leadership events to help foster an inclusive culture and a sense of spirit.
Finally, we have several articulation events – from Parent Info meetings to student visits – that will help prepare students for their transition to GESS.  Please check the school calendar on the website regularly for dates and times of events, and again, please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions.
Mr. Cliff Schwartz, Principal
Mr. Ryan Wakefield, Vice Principal (A-L)
Mr. Darryl Smith, Vice Principal (M-Z)